Wednesday, September 18, 2013

catching up

Last week I confessed that I had been horrible about taking pictures with an actual camera and vowed to do better.  I had also hoped to do better about posting said pictures.  However, I have not taken any pictures on a camera other than my phone since then and this is my first post since Friday.  Major Fail.  Well, the picture taking may have been a fail, but the blogging not so much.  I took a break from the computer some this week and it was nice!  At any rate, I decided to pop in and play a little catch up.
Emmy enjoys playing in the dryer. 

I had gotten Bryce dressed and ready for school the other day and then after breakfast he went back upstairs and came down dressed like this.  A completely different outfit from head to toe.  The tie is a nice addition don't you think?

We have been outside every chance we get to take advantage of this gorgeous fall weather.  Emmy loves Bryce's old bike and Bryce is loving his big boy bike.  He looks really big on it, but I think it's just the angle.

The kids spent a lot of time at my parents' house last week while we all took turns at doctors appointments.  Emmy enjoyed reading and napping with Nanny.  Nanny really enjoyed it!

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Shipley Mommy said...

Bryce: I LOVE the tie! You know I use any excuse to put my Thomas in one!! :) And, Emmy: the dryer! Still laughing! You two are such a bunch of cutie pies!