Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Surprisingly, we are surviving our days without Jason (thank goodness for grandparents)!  Saturday afternoon I took Bryce to a birthday party for one of the boys on his t-ball team.  I was glad to have something fun for him to do after Jason left to help get his mind off it.  After the party, we met Emmy and Chase and Taylor at the pool with MeMa and Kelly.  We went to Nana and Pap's for dinner and then came home and went to bed.
We went to lunch on Sunday after church.  Bryce had fun playing dress up in MeMa's van on the ride. 
Bryce had fun playing in the sprinkler while Emmy napped.  We met MeMa, Kelly, and the kids for dinner that night so we could say goodbye to Chase and Taylor before they left on their trip.  Bryce spent the night with MeMa that night. 

Since Bryce was with MeMa on Monday morning, Emmy and I went to the mall.  I spent the rest of a gift card on a new shirt from Macy's and then used an old Chick Fil A coupon from school and Emmy and I split a free ice cream.  We picked up Bryce and headed home for naps and then the kids spent the night at Nana's so I could go out for some girl time with a good friend!

I picked up the kids this morning and we went to the pool with Nana.  Once we got home, MeMa picked up Bryce and took him to Bass Pro Shop for their family summer camp. 

He got a badge for archery and fishing and made a fun slap bracelet.
If you're looking for something fun and free to do this summer, check it out!

My Nanny took us all to dinner tonight and then we got ice cream afterwards.  Emmy got her own ice cream for the first time and she fed herself every bite.  I'm sure we could all live on ice cream if we had to.

When we got home we got cleaned up and then my friend Beth took some pictures for us.  I gave my mom a "four generations" photo shoot for Mother's Day and we finally scheduled a time to take them.  I can't wait to see how they turned out.  Now Bryce and I are having a sleepover in my bed, watching Monsters Inc. for the first time and eating popcorn.  Oh the life of a little boy.  He misses Jason, but I'm keeping him busy!

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Shipley Mommy said...

And you thought I was busy!! Wow! Clearly you are rocking temporary single-parenthood.

First, thank you for posting about Bass Pro--I did not know, and Gracie is a novice archer and now we have to get her in to do that. And, the bird watching looks cool. Gracie is so excited now for something for next week!

And, I saw a glimpse at the photo shoot on FB--I bet they are going to come out so awesome. One of these days I will stop being cheap and get pictures done by a photographer. I haven't even taken the kids in to a studio in years! Bad mama! Thankfully I always have my camera strapped to my wrist.

Again, call if you need anything!!