Wednesday, June 26, 2013

half way there

Bryce and I made a chain to count down the days until Jason gets home.  He only has to go to bed three more nights without DaDa!  I think we'll make it to Sunday!
We started the morning off at the library for Emmy's "Mother Goose" story time.  Her friend Avery was there and we tried to get some pictures, but you know how well that goes with active children!

After story time, we dropped Emmy off at the pool with my parents and then headed to the movie theater for Bryce's first movie!  He has only seen the Cars movie at home before last night when we watched Monsters Inc. in preparation for Monsters University today!  His friend Aiden and his mom invited us and we couldn't wait to go.  Bryce did really well and enjoyed the movie.  We also had plenty of candy to get us through!

We went to Chick Fil A for free kids meals afterwards.  Tonight while the kids had church, I went out to eat with another couple from our small group since we were the only ones in town this week.  It was so nice to have that adult time (even if I was the third wheel, ha)!

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Shipley Mommy said...

What a fun day!! A countdown chain is a great idea. My kids always get excited about countdowns (I just use sticky note pull offs or a chalkboard--yours is super creative!).

I am glad you liked the movie Bryce. We tried to show Thomas the first Monsters Inc thinking that we could see the new one--but he didn't make it through the original :( Thankfully, Despicable Me 2 will be out soon, and we all loved that first movie.