Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day 2013

The kids had fun celebrating Jason yesterday.
Bryce wanted to take Jason to a Flying Squirrels game with PaPa and Dave.  The boys had fun throwing the baseball on the field before the game started. 

Bryce's card for Jason.  He always writes in uppercase letters, but has decided to start doing some lowercase.  Unfortunately, he's having a little reversal problem so "day" turned out as "bay"
Jason was wearing his Father's Day present in the picture above, but if you couldn't read it, here it is!  He saw this on the show one night when we were watching Duck Dynasty and liked it, so I ordered it!

Bryce also made a Dad questionnaire at school before the year was over.  I just love these.

And these were the gifts he made at school.  What is Father's Day without a tie?!?  And believe it or not, Jason lives for a koozie.  He has quite a collection because he would never want to be left with a warm Mountain Dew!  Below is a grill set they were giving away at the baseball game.

Bryce and Emmy are so lucky to have a dad that loves them SO much.  Happy Father's Day, Jase!  We love you! 

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Shipley Mommy said...

That is a great daddy picture! And a baseball game was a perfect way to spend the day, plus a grill!

I love their little answers--so precious!