Thursday, June 27, 2013

another fun day

It's been so hot this week so I decided to take the kids to the outdoor water area at the Children's Museum.  Of course it was cloudy and cool this morning.  The kids didn't seem to mind.  They had the place to themselves and my mom and I weren't roasting hot while we watched them play!  They had a blast.  The pictures speak for themselves.

When we left, we did a little shopping and got some lunch.  I took the kids home for naps and I did some time on the treadmill and started reading my new book!
After naps we headed to my parents house to ride their new golf cart to the pool so Bryce could test out his new Batman kick board.

Bryce got brave in the water today and just started going under on his own.  After he did it once, he wouldn't stop!
He was also having a great time jumping in!

I found this picture on my phone that I forgot to post on Saturday.  All the kids laid with Jason as they sang Happy Birthday to him.  So sweet!

We've had a fun week and I think I've kept us all busy enough to help us get through the week without Jason.  With that said, I'm planning on tomorrow being a lazy day around the house!

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Shipley Mommy said...

Water-fun day for you guys! Boys are so brave. Gracie only in the past weeks got brave enough to stick her head under water (and she is 9), meanwhile Thomas jumps off and goes under like it is no big deal. Good for you Bryce!