Wednesday, October 3, 2012

wonderful wednesday

We are having a great day today and we haven't even left the house!  Emmy slept extra long this morning so we missed story time at the library.  Bryce and I made good use of our extra time and made our weekly treat for his teachers and my teacher friends at school.  This week we made another pinterest inspired treat, Oreo cookie bark. 


Bryce enjoyed eating the cookies along the way and licking the chocolate when we were done!  We both give it two thumbs up!  I love that Bryce enjoys helping me with things like this.  I guess it doesn't hurt that he gets to eat some good stuff along the way!

My friend Beth and her little girl Avery came over to play today.  Emmy didn't know to be excited and look forward to the play date, but Bryce was talking about it as soon as he got up this morning.  He's such a good sport.  He didn't even need a friend his age to play with.  He was perfectly content playing with the girls.  They didn't seem to mind either!  And I LOVED having some adult time with a friend!



A Wedding Story said...

We had fun! Bryce is so cute about being excited. Let's do it again really soon :)

Melissa said...

That oreo bark looks DELICIOUS! Looks like everyone had fun on their play date!