Wednesday, October 24, 2012

just some things

Bryce's class went on a "field trip" to the "pumpkin patch" on Tuesday.....aka, his class walked across the parking lot to the pumpkin sale, ha!  His class is too young for the real field trip they take to the pumpkin patch.  I thought it was great that they let them go to the one at the church and pick out their own pumpkin.  One of the moms happened to be there and sent us all this picture!  I can only imagine what the expression on his face means.  He looks mean or mad, but I'm hoping it's just that shy personality and not wanting to smile, who knows!
Bryce and I had some fun in the kitchen today.  We made these fun treats I found on Pinterest and they are delicious! 

Today is the first day Emmy has slept more than an hour for her afternoon nap so I had a few extra seconds to blog!  I'd like to be able to use her short naps as an excuse for my absence, but seeing as though I only posted two new pictures today, I just didn't have anything to post about!
Bryce started up gymnastics again this morning.  He wanted to do that instead of soccer this season.  Of course when I reminded him of it yesterday, he wasn't excited and was upset he would have a different teacher.  He had a minor meltdown when we got there this morning, but he pulled himself together and had a great time!
I love everything about fall, the changing leaves, the pumpkins, the food, the family traditions, even the cooler temperatures.  However, the cooler temperatures have not found their way to Virginia yet.  The past few days have been in the 80's.  I have to admit, I really like it!  I know I will miss these days when it's 30 degrees out in December!
I hope to get my camera out and do a better job of documenting the day to day around here! 
Happy Wednesday!

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