Sunday, October 7, 2012

pumpkin patch

We took our first family trip to the pumpkin patch today.  Bryce went to an actual pumpkin patch with Kelly last year, but before today, we had gotten our pumpkins from Home Depot or Walmart.  Now that Bryce is older, we decided it was time to do the traditional pumpkin pickin'.  We went to the same place Jason and I picked pumpkins as kids, the Ashland Berry Farm.
Once we got out to the field, Bryce was certain that every pumpkin he saw was the one he wanted.  We insisted that he keep looking for his while we scoped out some larger ones for the front porch.  He finally found one that he just couldn't turn down.  He had a great time plucking it from the vine!

He tried hard to hold the pumpkin up for the picture, but it was just too heavy!

So proud of that pumpkin!

Our sweet little pumpkins.

Other than finding the perfect pumpkin, Bryce was so excited about the hayride.  Once he started talking about hayrides this year, we knew it was time to actually go to the pumpkin patch rather than the store!

Another great family fun day!  Next week we're headed to the apple orchard.

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