Thursday, October 4, 2012

the state fair

We had a fun family afternoon at the state fair today.  I've never been a big fan of the fair, but after having kids, it has grown on me.  Bryce has been looking forward to today for a week.  He was so excited because Jason, Emmy, and myself were picking him up from school and going to the fair.  I just love making fun memories like this for Bryce.
Bryce gets braver every year.  He enjoyed petting and feeding the animals.  He also wanted to sit on every tractor he saw.  The first year we went I couldn't for the life of me convince him to sit on a big tractor tire.  From the pictures below, you can tell the fear is gone!

His smile cracks me up.  His mouth looks like the dummies that ventriloquist use.  Sweet boy!

Emmy would have looked really small in the wheel.

Bryce is lucky to have a fun daddy to play with him.  The corn looked fun, but I was certain my black shorts  would be covered in dust if I got in there......boring Mama!

Emmy was there.  She did great and had fun too!

You can't go to the fair without eating "fair" food.  Jason has looked for the donut burger for the past two years, but never found it.  He did his research this year and his dream came true!  Who wouldn't want a bacon cheeseburger with donuts as the bun?!?  We had a funnel cake too!

We love the ferris wheel.

Taking in the sights.

Emmy had no idea she rode the ferris wheel.  She had fallen asleep in her stroller as we got to it. 

She made the transition back into the stroller very well.

Other than the ferris wheel, we don't typically ride rides.  We let Bryce choose one because he kept asking about a roller coaster.  He had fun.

This picture isn't as funny as it was in person, but Bryce had a balloon clipped on a fly swatter and was carrying it around.  He looked silly!

We had a wonderful time and the kids were great!

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