Wednesday, June 20, 2012

we're around

Summer is off to a great start and I'm enjoying my time at home with the kids.  I was able to get caught up on grocery shopping and laundry on Monday.  Tuesday Bryce went fishing with MeMa and PaPa so I was able to get caught up on ironing and I started dusting the house.  I got tired of that quickly so I weeded a flower bed outside.  Today was more fun and less work!  We played outside this morning, went to story time at the library, went to Barnes and Noble and played in the pool.  We have had VBS each night this week so we are staying pretty busy.

We have had a mild spring, but summer seems to have arrived in full force.  We headed outside early this morning to beat the heat.  I realize Emmy looks as though she is dressed for a blizzard, but it was still cool in the shade.

Bryce cracked me up in this outfit today.  The camo crocs were the icing on the cake but he took them off to jump on the trampoline.

I guess Bryce was excited that I had weeded the flower bed (that doesn't have any flowers, ha) because he spent most of the morning playing in the dirt.

This little cutie has decided to shake things up a bit since I'm home for the summer.  She has been on a routine for the past two months (eat between 8-8:30, go to bed, sleep ALL night, wake her up at 7 to eat, eat every 3 hours until bedtime feeding).  Friday night she woke up about 5 times during the night.  I was able to get her back to sleep each time, but seriously.  She was in a horrible mood Saturday and didn't sleep well again.  I decided maybe she is going through a growth spurt and needs to eat more.  So I gave in and fed her TWICE during the night on Sunday.  I feel like I have a newborn again.  My days seem to be running together now, but she has not slept through the night any this week and I have fed her at least once in the night.  I decided to try and feed her some rice cereal tonight hoping that might fill up her belly.  However, bedtime was rough tonight (usually it's a cakewalk) so who knows how the over night will go.  Wish me luck!

It was about time I got a bow on this little girl's head.  She doesn't have any hair so the clip bows don't work and most of the headband bows we have are still too big for her.  I took matters into my own hands today and clipped the band so it would fit and I think she looks just precious.  And that little boy beside her is pretty cute too!

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