Saturday, June 2, 2012

beautiful day

Today was a gorgeous day so we headed out to a local strawberry fair this morning.  I remember going to this fair as a kid, but I've never been as an adult.  A small town near us hosts this event every year on the streets of Randolph Macon College.  Bryce wasn't a fan of the mascots so I had to beg him to leave my side for half a second to take this picture! 

This afternoon we headed to a wedding for one of my co-worker's sons.  We rarely get together outside of school so it was fun to spend time together with all of our spouses. 

The reception was held at Clover Forest Plantation.  It was quite a ways away from home, but the scenery and weather made it worth it.  We had a wonderful view of the river from our table.  I wish I had taken more pictures of the grounds.  The weather was perfect for an outdoor reception.

I owe my mom a HUGE thank you for watching the kids all afternoon/evening.  We had no idea we would be gone as long as we were.  Jason and I enjoyed our time away together and it helped knowing the kids were in good hands!

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