Saturday, June 9, 2012

outside and some firsts

We had a fun time outside today.  Kelly was watching some kids from our small group today so they all came over to swim and play in the slip 'n slide.  If only I could have gotten them to look at me!

I just love the photo ops the slip 'n slide provides.

Bryce refused to slide until he got all the way to the end....boring! 

The boys!

There was no way I was getting all the girls together at the same time so I made sure to take a picture of Maggie too.

Chase got to stay for his first sleepover at our house!  The boys were very excited.

When we went to Emmy's well visit on Wednesday, the doctor said we could start her on food if we wanted to.  I decided to give her a little rice cereal tonight to see how she would do.  She seemed pretty interested after the first few bites, but by the end, she seemed to get the chills or something and she clearly wasn't enjoying it.  This face (although blurry) just about sums up the experience!

Happy Saturday!

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Melissa said...

I love that face!