Saturday, June 16, 2012

the river

Summer is officially here and we are already enjoying every second of it!  You may remember our summer kick off at the river last year.  Jason's aunt and uncle have a river house and they host a get together on Father's Day weekend.

Bryce was very brave this year and went right out in the water.  He was too brave for me.  I didn't think he would ever stop walking deeper.  I really want to get him into swimming lessons because he made me too nervous.  I'm glad he's not afraid of the water as much this year, but I don't want him to get too far out and not know what to do.

It was very windy today which made the temperatures cool and the waves made for very little beach.  Bryce opted to stay on dry land in the kayak this year.

The golf cart is always a big hit!

PaPa and the boys.  MeMa had to stay home today to attend high school graduation for her school.

The boys enjoyed playing some baseball.

The girls enjoyed sitting on a towel and being cute!

Bryce had a great time and slept the whole way home.  He wasn't ready to be awake when we got home so he went back to sleep in his bed.  That's how you know it's been a fun day!

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