Tuesday, August 8, 2017


On our first full day out west, we left Denver early on Saturday morning and headed to Wyoming. 

We stopped in Cheyenne for Frontier Days.

Frontier Days is basically a big state fair with a rodeo!!  We stopped in the downtown for a parade when we got there and then we headed over to the grounds.  We walked around and the kids got cowboy hat souvenirs and then we were ready for the rodeo!

It was a really fun experience, but I could not handle all of the events.  I felt so bad for the little calves in the wrestling and ropin', but it was all very entertaining.  

Yee Haw!

We enjoyed our stop in Cheyenne, but it was just a stop on our way to.........


It was a long drive (but isn't everything out west) and the kids were excited that Jason picked a hotel with an indoor water slide.

No better way to burn off some energy from a full day of car riding!

All of Bryce's dreams are about to come true!

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