Wednesday, August 9, 2017

south dakota part 2

We had so much fun in South Dakota and didn't have time to fit it all in on the first day so we stayed an extra night!  On our last day there we started the morning at Bear Country USA.  We saw plenty of wild animals on the trip, but this fun drive through park provided a much wider variety of animals!

There were plenty more animals I didn't include, but these were my favorites!

The closest we got to any bears!

If we had left South Dakota when we had planned, we would have traveled in the evening/night, but we ran through out game plan and realized we had enough time to do day driving and not miss out on anything.  I think we made an excellent choice to spend more time in South Dakota.  It was beautiful. 

We got back to Colorado on Monday evening and enjoyed running a few errands around town to prepare for the rest of our trip.

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