Wednesday, August 9, 2017

pike's peak and a rockies game

Jason has an aunt who lived in Denver.  He and his family visited her and the surrounding area when he was a kid and it was a trip he never forgot.  His aunt still has her house there and we were lucky enough to use it during our stay.  This was the perfect trip to accompany our South Dakota fun!

On Tuesday we drove to Pike's Peak and road the Cog Railway to the summit.

It was in the 80's at the bottom and in the 30's at the top.  

I had packed Jason a jacket and pants for the kids, but I guess we didn't realize how cold it would actually be!  With the wind chill, it was 31 degrees.  It was cold and windy, but we had some hot chocolate and warm donuts to warm us while we enjoyed the views.

We had told the kids there would still be snow on some of the mountains.  Unfortunately this was the closest we could get to any snow on this trip.  There was not enough left on safe surfaces to actually touch.

We drove back to Denver in time to catch a Rockies game.

We visited Target and made a sign while we were out there so Bryce could take it to the game.  We live around Richmond, VA and we use RVA to refer to the area.

He held up his sign between every inning in hopes of being on the big screen.

We had a camera behind us and myself and another lady around us both asked nicely if he could get Bryce on the big screen and he obliged!  Bryce was so happy.  I took a ton of pictures of the screen, many of which included better views, but this was the only one that focused on the screen that wasn't too bright.  You get the point!

He was a happy boy, and the Rockies won!

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