Thursday, August 25, 2016

yorktown beach

We had our annual beach day with the Shipleys at Yorktown Beach yesterday!  We love this little beach because it's so quaint and quiet.  There were actually a lot more people there this year so I guess people are discovering it.

I should have done a side by side picture of both of these pictures from years past because they always assume the same positions!

My fun new beach tag along!  I enjoyed a lovely day in my chair with a book in my hand!

Boogie boarding boy!

Pretty princess!

All these kids needed were boogie boards to float on!

Boys and their toys.

I've taught her well.

Another year of Yorktown Beach memories with the Shipleys!

I love these two!

Bryce was freezing, but I wanted a picture on the rocks.  Can't you tell he's thrilled?!?

They never forget that one time when we went to Ben and Jerry's!  It's now in the rotation before we head home!

And we have to take the obligatory trolley ride around the historic sites!

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