Monday, August 1, 2016

a new month

Welcome, August!  We have had quite a whirlwind of a summer.  Once school was out, we jumped right into summer camps for Bryce (tennis and baseball) and VBS.  Then we had the fourth of July and our kids went off to Florida.  We joined them for a week and then came home and sent Bryce to his last camp of the summer.  Here we are on August 1 and I feel like this is the actual start of our summer.  The kids made their bucket list and we're going to try to get through everything over the next month and I'm going to attempt to blog about it everyday!

We have not seen The Secret Life of Pets, but the stores have done a pretty good job introducing us to the characters from the movie.  My kids were immediately drawn to Buddy.  It's a dachshund and it's colorings are like Macy.  While Buddy doesn't have any chihuahua in him, he's pretty darn close and the kids love him.  I haven't been willing to buy them plush/figures from the stores, but once they introduced Nana to him, they were golden.  We had a McDonald's date with Nanny and Nana today and were lucky enough to score a Buddy for each kid.  We went to the pool after lunch and had a great time.  August is off to a great start! 

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