Monday, August 1, 2016

master bath remodel

We moved into our house six years ago and can you believe we actually bought a house with this ugly Christmas theme in the master bath?!?  We have wanted to change this bathroom since day 1, but we've been busy re-doing our half bath downstairs, our kitchen and the bedrooms over the last few years.  We've had a plan for this space and coming home from vacation to a small leak spot in our kitchen from our shower kicked us into gear!

I don't even now how someone comes up with this color combination.  YUCK!  Just tonight, Jason has already taken out the vanity and mirror.  We are going to knock out the wall with the white shelf and take out our shower that is on the other side of it and extend our vanity.  

We're going to put can lights in the ceiling over the tub, but take the tub out and put in a shower!

I will not miss this super small shower stall, but I can't wait to add a vanity and chair for doing my make-up.  

Here is a little inspiration for the new bathroom.  

I am in love with the new tile flooring that looks like hard wood.  I picked one out a gray one that I like that has very little wood grain, but still has the effect.  I also love the simplicity of the white subway tile for the shower.  

Even though we had a double vanity, we excited to extend ours just a little bit more.  

I haven't thought about lighting and all the fixtures yet, but I'm super excited for the finished product!

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