Thursday, August 4, 2016

park and popsicles

The kids had Maymont on the summer bucket list so we went today since the humidity was low and it was a cooler and overcast day!  

The children's farm is closed for renovations, but we still saw the birds and the bear, oh my!!  We've never seen the bear so close!

The kids enjoy climbing up to the waterfall.

And today they were into posing by the waterfall!

I love these two!

I've been hearing about King of Pops a lot recently.  A few places around us sell their products, but we were close to the actual store after the park today so we stopped for a cool treat!

The kids got cookies and cream and I got chocolate sea salt.  They were delicious.  Jason wants to go with us so he can try the pineapple habanero flavor!

Loving this fun summer with the kiddos!

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