Thursday, July 24, 2014

iphone photo dump

Here are some snapshots of our summer outside of the fun planned out days we've had. 
I love it when she sits still enough for me to do her hair!

Nana is a sucker for these kiddos and insisted Emmy needed her own lunchbox when we were buying Bryce's school supplies.

We got slurpees on 7-11.

Jason got new tires for his truck.

I had surgery. 
After a visit to my doctor, an ultrasound of my neck, a visit to an ENT, and an MRI of my neck, I was diagnosed with a thyroglossal duct cyst that needed to come out. 

I was well taken care of by friends and family.  From meals, flowers, visits, and lots of treats, I made it through and I'm continuing to heal just fine!

I hate that it took having surgery to get flowers, but I am enjoying fresh flowers all over the house!

My New Year's resolution was to be intentional this year.  I can honestly say that I have been more intentional with my time and I have stuck to my plan of reading through the Bible in a year.  I think the day of my surgery marked day 200 and it didn't slow me down!
While I was at home recovering, the kids were having tons of fun.  Jason took Bryce and Chase to see Planes 2 on Sunday.  Bryce has been counting down the days to this movie since we first saw the cutout board the last time we were at the theater.
Emmy spent some time with Taylor and Kelly and came home one day with these precious finger nails.
My good friend Donna and I have close birthdays so we got together Wednesday night for dinner to celebrate.
Even though we said no gifts, she gave me this super cute towel.  Can't wait to take it to the beach next week!

We had a very rainy day and evening tonight so we settled in for game night after dinner.  We played Yahtzee and UNO before deciding we needed dessert.

We hit up Sonic for milkshakes, ice cream, and a slush.

My friend Beth brought me a Nerd Slush after my surgery and now I'm kind of obsessed!

I tried to hold out for the books on the waiting list at the library and I got too impatient so I went ahead and got them so I could have some beach reads next week!
Do you read Big Mama or Boo Mama?  If not, you're really missing out!  These two ladies are just hilarious and both have written their own books ( Sparkly Green Earrings, The Antelope in the Living Room and A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet).  And, they're going to be in Charlotte, NC in November.  Jason's sister texted me today to see if I wanted to go.  YES!!  We both agree this is the closest they'll ever get to us so we're planning a girls trip!!!  If anyone is interested in joining us, let me know!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

a fun day with friends

This recent blog break was due to our incredibly slow internet speed as of late.  I had to come to my parents' house just to get my computer to pull the blog up.  Guess we'll look into that soon.
We headed to Maymont with friends on Tuesday and enjoyed the overcast day!  The petting zoo is always fun. 

Lost of walking means lots of snack breaks.

Almost the same size as an eagle.
A little bear watching!
Luckily, someone else had spotted the bear or we would have never seen it.

A walk up the waterfall in the Japanese gardens.

A little stone jumping. 
We LOVE Maymont and we LOVE these sweet friends of ours.

We stopped at the lake for a picnic lunch before heading home.

We wore this girl out!

Friday, July 18, 2014

silly science and school supplies

Bryce had his turn at Romp N Roll with best bud, Thomas on Wednesday.
They didn't offer many opportunities for gym classes for his age so we signed them up for a silly science class.
They talked about solids and liquids and the whole lesson revolved around silly putty!

They tested the bouncing height of room temperature silly putty and frozen silly putty.

They even got to make their own silly putty to take home.

We may try to make our own at home because the consistency never was quite right to play with it.

Since I had Bryce all to myself, I decided to take him shopping for school supplies.  I'm not looking forward to him leaving me all day, but boy do I LOVE school supplies.

He had fun counting out THIRTY (yes, 30) glue sticks.  Other than his camo scissors he picked out, there weren't that many "fun" things to buy!

He was a great helper and had lots of fun.

Later we headed out for a backpack and lunch box.

Bryce won't start school until September and tax free shopping weekend isn't until August, but I just couldn't wait any longer to start shopping!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

fun with emmy

Romp N Roll was offering $10 classes this week so I signed Emmy up and called my friend Beth to see if Avery would want to join the fun.  The girls were not still for long, but I was able to get a shot of the two!
There was jumping,


and swinging.

There was music and movement

and art!  I didn't realize this particular class had art so that was fun.  This week's theme at Romp N Roll was knights, dragons and princesses.  They made cute little dragons.  She never would hold up the finished product for a picture.

After art, they were back in the gym for parachute fun!

I'm so glad I got to spend the morning watching Emmy play and laugh like the sweet two year old she is!

Bryce gets his turn at Romp N Roll tomorrow!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

peach pickin'

We go to Carter Mountain in Charlottesville every fall for apple picking, but we've never been in the summer to pick peaches.  We were in the area today so we took a little trip to the orchard.  Our first stop was cider (peach and apple), peach donuts and peach ice cream.  

Once our bellies were full, we headed up the mountain to pick a few peaches.
Bryce had his first peach the other day (not sure how that didn't happen until age five), but he loved it.  He was the most excited about this trip and probably would have been fine without donuts and ice cream as long as he got to bring peaches home.  I think I've offered peaches before and he didn't try them or didn't like them, so I don't think I'm a horrible mom that didn't at least introduce him to peaches before now!

I would say it was a success and maybe even better than apple picking! 
Daddy and his babies!
There is nothing better than a beautiful Saturday making memories with my family!