Saturday, July 12, 2014

peach pickin'

We go to Carter Mountain in Charlottesville every fall for apple picking, but we've never been in the summer to pick peaches.  We were in the area today so we took a little trip to the orchard.  Our first stop was cider (peach and apple), peach donuts and peach ice cream.  

Once our bellies were full, we headed up the mountain to pick a few peaches.
Bryce had his first peach the other day (not sure how that didn't happen until age five), but he loved it.  He was the most excited about this trip and probably would have been fine without donuts and ice cream as long as he got to bring peaches home.  I think I've offered peaches before and he didn't try them or didn't like them, so I don't think I'm a horrible mom that didn't at least introduce him to peaches before now!

I would say it was a success and maybe even better than apple picking! 
Daddy and his babies!
There is nothing better than a beautiful Saturday making memories with my family!

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