Thursday, July 10, 2014

oh, hey there!

I'm in summer mode which apparently means LAZY!!  I'm bad about taking pictures and even worse about checking my email.  However, Barbara is great about taking pictures and emailing them to me!  I sat down and caught up on emails this morning which contained quite a few pictures from Barbara!!  So, all you who need your Bryce and Emmy fix, you're in luck!
Last Thursday we met the Shipleys at story time since we hadn't seen them the previous week since we were at the beach.  The boys were so glad to see each other.

Preschool friend, Paige, was there and she just adores Emmy.  Not sure if you can see Emmy's braids, but I was pleased that she actually sat still long enough for me to do her hair!  We headed to Chick Fil A for lunch and then everyone came back to our house to play for a while.  Look at that tan girl.

Gracie had so much fun playing dress up with Emmy!

Thanks to Barbara, friends and family can see our cuties even when I'm in lazy summer mode!