Friday, July 18, 2014

silly science and school supplies

Bryce had his turn at Romp N Roll with best bud, Thomas on Wednesday.
They didn't offer many opportunities for gym classes for his age so we signed them up for a silly science class.
They talked about solids and liquids and the whole lesson revolved around silly putty!

They tested the bouncing height of room temperature silly putty and frozen silly putty.

They even got to make their own silly putty to take home.

We may try to make our own at home because the consistency never was quite right to play with it.

Since I had Bryce all to myself, I decided to take him shopping for school supplies.  I'm not looking forward to him leaving me all day, but boy do I LOVE school supplies.

He had fun counting out THIRTY (yes, 30) glue sticks.  Other than his camo scissors he picked out, there weren't that many "fun" things to buy!

He was a great helper and had lots of fun.

Later we headed out for a backpack and lunch box.

Bryce won't start school until September and tax free shopping weekend isn't until August, but I just couldn't wait any longer to start shopping!

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