Saturday, July 5, 2014

let freedom ring, it's independece day

We had a full day of fourth of July fun!
After a day of shopping and the pool, we headed to our friends the Shipleys for a cookout and fireworks.
The kids enjoyed popsicles while they waited for s'mores!

This may be my favorite part of summer and the fourth!

Once fireworks started in the distance, this little girl stuck to me like glue.

The kids had fun with the glow bracelets/necklaces.

Emmy loosened up once she was armed with her headphones and plenty of glow stuff.

She even braved a sparkler by the end of the night!

I think the headphones were my favorite.  There seriously weren't any loud fireworks, but the kids felt better about it all.

Happy Fourth Ya'll.

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Shipley Mommy said...

Thank you guys so much for coming over! It was a blast (even though we forgot a group picture of the kids, and family pictures of ourselves, how unusual for us to picture people!). I think this officially makes it a tradition ;)