Saturday, April 27, 2013

the past few days in iPhone pics

Emmy at the library on Friday.

Emmy looked so cute in her outfit on Friday, but she refused to look at me for a picture!

Bryce had another t-ball game today.  He got to catch during the first inning.  He enjoyed it and did a great job!
PaPa and his boys.

Thomas came to watch Bryce play today.

We went to Chase's soccer game this morning and then he came home with us so he could go to Bryce's t-ball game.  We went to DQ for a little ice cream treat after the game.

Emmy went home with Taylor so they could play while Bryce had t-ball.  They had their own ice cream treat on the way back to our house!
Thomas invited Bryce to go to the race track yesterday to see the race cars but we already had plans.  He and his mom were sweet enough to make a goodie bag of race stuff for Bryce.  He had hours of fun looking at everything tonight.  He even talked me into hanging a few of the pictures on his wall.

Happy Saturday!

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