Tuesday, April 16, 2013

T-Ball Opening Day

Saturday was opening day for Bryce's little league.  We got there at 10:00 so he could meet up with his team and parade out on the field when his team was called.  I just can't believe the height difference between Bryce and his teammates.  He is always asking me why he's so much smaller than the other kids.  I just tell him Mama and Dada are short so he's short!

As the teams ran out on the field they high fived four local mascots.  The first was Nutzy the flying squirrel from our local baseball team.  Bryce likes him from a distance, but is scared to death of him.  We were glad to find out that Bryce (he's #11) handled it well.  I guess having his team with him helped. 

After opening ceremonies we headed to lunch and then Bryce and Jason had to be back at the field for team pictures.  Once that was over, they came home and got me and Emmy so we could go back to his game at 3:00.  We had quite a full day.  He did a great job in his first game.  Here he is on 3rd base!

Bryce played in the outfield in the first inning and was lucky enough to get a ground ball all the way out there!  He got to play first base in the second inning so he was busy the whole time.  He was so cute.  He would run to first base after the ball was hit, but he would just stare at the base so he rarely knew when the ball was being thrown to him.

Luckily the coaches stay out on the field so he had lots of help while he played.

Poor Bryce is so short and they couldn't get the tee low enough this week so he was having to swing a little high, but he did just fine.

They were so cute all lined up at the end of the game to high five the other team.

Snack after the game.

Bryce is really enjoying t-ball and doing a great job!  I hope he continues to love it and not dread it like he did soccer.

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Shipley Mommy said...

Great pictures! I love his expression in the one of them lined up! I am so glad he loves t-ball. We will have to catch a game soon :)