Sunday, April 7, 2013

we partied all weekend

We started our weekend of fun at church to celebrate Aiden's 4th birthday!  The kids had tons of fun riding their bikes and playing basketball.

The three amigos (Aiden, Bryce, and Chase)

Taylor just loves that Emmy is getting older and can play with her!

We continued our weekend of fun at a 25th anniversary celebration for Jason's work.  The event was held at The Jefferson hotel in Richmond and was so nice.  We enjoyed a cocktail hour, sit down dinner, casino party, dessert and door prizes.  We ended up staying at the hotel because Jason's company contributed to the room rates, making it very reasonable.  We had breakfast at the hotel this morning before coming back to reality!   

Jason has always been a Duck Commander fan so this outfit and beard are not technically because of the new Duck Dynasty craze.  Everyone knows Jason is an avid hunter so when the president of his company suggested he wear a camo tux to the party, he had to deliver.  Unfortunately for me, he was able to find one in time!  It was funny how many people asked to have their picture with him, ha!

The 25th anniversary celebration continued today for families at a local park.  After seeing all the animals, we had a great lunch catered by Carytown Burgers and Fries....yum!!   

Emmy enjoyed sneaking a bit of Bryce's capri sun.  Bryce was most excited about the desserts.  He was a nice brother and shared them with Emmy!

After lunch we took a tram ride around the park and it put Emmy right to sleep.

This weekend was perfect.  The weather was great, we had fun as a family, and Jason and I got some time together.  I'm a happy girl tonight!

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