Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Emmy's special day

I just love birthdays.  It's really important to me to make birthdays special for my family.  Even though Emmy didn't fully understand that today was her birthday, I think we still did a good job making it a great day for her.  Bryce couldn't wait to give Emmy her present from him.  He really wanted her to have a stroller to push her babies around.  So sweet!

Taking care of her baby!  

We got her some food to go with her kitchen she got for Christmas.  She's glad to have something new to chew on, ha!

We met Jason for lunch so he could see the birthday girl since he leaves for work before she gets up.  Tonight we went to my parents' house for dinner and presents.  Emmy wasn't so sure about her cake at her party so we tried again tonight.  Bryce had fun helping me make a cake and cupcakes.    

She definitely knew what to do this time.

I guess I should be glad she hasn't grown any hair on the top of her head in the last year!

She was so proud of herself.  Her second bath of the day followed this.

Bryce looked forward to dinner and presents all day.  He had lots of fun with her new toys.  The shopping cart is too cute.  It's like the car carts at Kroger.  

Emmy enjoyed the box, ha!

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