Friday, February 22, 2013

a new look

This poor old blog has needed a face lift for the past year.  I have had every intention of updating the blog header and layout to incorporate Emmy and make it a more gender neutral design.  I contacted the designer about switching out a few of the pictures in the header and changing a few of the words in the title, but what I really thought would be simple and cheap changes were going to cost me $50 (more than I spent on my original blog design).  I can't believe how much a blog design costs these days.  I got brave and worked with the free designs to hold me over until I can find something that I like and am willing to spend the money on.  Anyone have suggestions for affordable blog designers?


Sara said...

I totally understand! Mine is pink and needs to become gender neutral as well, but no way am I paying these crazy prices - especially since I rarely blog anymore. I'll let you know if I come across something more budget-friendly :-)

Melissa said...

I've been collecting a list of designers for when I finally decide to spend the money (like you, I don't want to pay that much). Let me look up which ones are at what price, and I'll have to send it over to you. I like the temporary one, though!

Melissa said...

Check out

Looks like you could get a good package for $35 (it's the one I'm leaning toward)