Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween

We started the Halloween fun on Saturday night with a pot of chili and pumpkin carving! Bryce didn't mind helping with the pumpkin as long as he could use a spoon.

We kept it simple with a "B" for Bryce.
The fun continued today with our church's annual "Trunk-or-Treat". You may remember our duck blind theme from last year. This year we went with a beach theme. We put this together at the last minute and I think it turned out pretty well.

Jason has had a lot of fun getting Bryce's scuba diver costume ready. Bryce really enjoyed the scuba diver at the aquarium this summer so we thought it would be a great costume idea. They didn't really have much to choose from in the pre-mades, so Jason took on the challenge and I think it was just too cute!

We couldn't get him to wear the mask. Bryce didn't like the way it felt on his head. He kept saying "hurt me dada.

MeMaw with the grand kids.

Bryce was helping himself to a tootsie roll pop. He was loving this costume because Jason used a pacifier as the regulator. We only let him have his paci when he is sleeping and he's not happy about it so he was in heaven tonight!

Family picture! Once it got cold and we put Bryce's jacket on, he didn't mind the mask since it didn't touch his hair.


st.pete computing said...

Happy Halloween friend.Very cute photos of that little monster...

Anonymous said...

Hes so adorable isnt he?:)