Thursday, October 21, 2010


Due to the nature of this post, Jason has been selected to write it. During one of our daily trips to target (well, maybe not daily, but it sure seems like it) I (Jason) saw a shirt for Bryce that he needed desperately. I have been known to dress like this on special occasions, such as going to class at VCU or going to work in a cubicle at Dominion. Based on Bryce's intelligence (or at least what we perceive as intelligence), I am confident that he will be an 'enginerd' like his dad and great-grandfather. Of course, if he can't cut it as an engineer, he could settle for something like astronaut, neurosurgeon or a theoretical physicist.

If this isn't the greatest shirt you have ever seen, you must be blind.

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Heather said...

i cannot wait to be back in america and find fun t-shirts for my kids.