Sunday, October 10, 2010


Let me begin by saying that Bryce is ALL boy. He is full of activity, loves to be dirty, doesn't like to cuddle, and only sits still to sleep. Today when I went to check on him during his nap I just about fell in the floor because he looked so adorably cute holding this teddy bear. Bryce normally has nothing to do with stuffed animals. However, one of my students gave me this bear to bring home to Bryce this week. He was very excited when he got it so I told him we should name it. When I asked him what he wanted to name it he said "nicklefritz" (that's how he pronounces it). My mom calls Bryce "snicklefritz" and I guess he thought it was a good name for the bear too! And if you're wondering, it is an affectionate name for a mischievous or overly talkative child!

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