Saturday, July 18, 2009

A visit to Suffolk

We took a trip to Suffolk today to visit Nanny and Poppy. Bryce was such a good boy. He usually sleeps in the car, but not today. He was wide awake on the way down there and on the way back, but he was good the whole time! He has been taking a 2 hour nap everyday, but not today. He decided he needed to be awake for the whole trip since he doesn't get to see Nanny and Poppy very often.

Poppy enjoyed holding Bryce

Bryce enjoyed riding in Nanny's lap on the way to visit Poppy

We picked Nanny and Poppy up and took them to lunch at Wendy's. They can't turn down a chocolate Frosty! Mama and Nanny ran some errands while the rest of us relaxed and watched tv. When everyone got back, we enjoyed this lovely cupcake rainbow cake. Isn't it cute?! We stopped at the Tasty Treat on the way home to get the rest of our sugar fix for the day. They have the BEST soft serve.

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