Monday, July 27, 2009

play time

Bryce has started to enjoy spending more time in his exersaucer and he can even turn himself all the way around and play with all the toys! I am very entertained when I watch him play.

Look at his tongue! It obviously takes a lot of concentration to play. His daddy does the same thing when he is working hard.

When you hit the buttons, the toy says the animal of the picture you hit (in English). When you hit it a second time it says the animal in Spanish. The third time you hit it you get the noise the animal makes and then the fourth time it plays music. Unfortunately we never get to hear the music because Bryce bangs the buttons so fast that the music never has a chance to play before it says what the animal is again. And we only get to hear the cow and the lion and sometimes the duck. The cat and dog are on the back and he can't reach them yet!

It totally looks like he is saying, "What in the heck is that strange puppet doing staring at me!" He looks a little freaked out by it.

He can't quite make the balls move over from one side to the other yet!

I just love his chubby little legs dangling from the seat since they aren't long enough to touch the bottom yet.

Macy enjoys play time too. She sat right beside Bryce on the floor and squeaked her toy and I threw it to her every now and then.

*Did you notice the color variation in almost every picture?? I am desperately trying to figure out how to take a "good" picture with our fancy camera! Hopefully I will have it figured out before Bryce goes to kindergarten. HA!

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