Friday, July 10, 2009

taco night

Last night we went over to Justin and Beth's for tacos. Don't the newlyweds look happy! Bryce was an absolute angel last night. I'm not sure if he liked being away from home and in a new setting or if he just loved 2 hours of attention from his daddy! We may need to have taco night every week!

As you can see, Bryce loves his daddy and he misses him SO much during the day. Bryce didn't fuss at all while we were at their house. Daddy is good at entertaining. Bryce enjoyed listening to his daddy talk about guns and hunting as long as he was patting his back.

We forgot to bring a bib............can you tell?!? I just love the little drop of drool on his chin. You would think Bryce has about 5 teeth coming in with the amount of drool he produces, but he has NONE.

So excited to finally get some family photos.


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So fun!!!!

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