Thursday, July 30, 2009

photography for dummies

What kind of camera are you using?? We have 2 cameras.........a small one (Canon Power Shot SD750) that I keep in the diaper bag so I will always have it handy to catch a priceless moment of Bryce, and a big SLR (Canon Rebel XSI) to take professional pictures of Bryce so we don't have to take Bryce anywhere for pictures. Only problem.................we have no idea how to take good pictures with the SLR.
Above, is our small point and shoot camera that I take with me everywhere. It is very easy to use, it only has a few settings, and I feel like it takes decent pictures for the kind of camera that it is.

Above, is the digital SLR camera we bought to take pictures of Bryce. It looks fancy, but we can't seem to take fancy pictures with it. I get too overwhelmed when I try to take pictures. I feel like for as much as we paid for it, it should take fabulous pictures every time. Unfortunately, neither of us have ever taken photography classes so our camera doesn't take outstanding pictures every time. HA! My brain turns to mush when I hear aperture (fstop?), ISO, white balance, histogram...........and the list goes on I'm sure. We even bought a book to teach us about the camera, but it is way over my head. I'm just confused!! Do you know anyone who can teach us how to use it?