Sunday, January 15, 2017


We had our first snow of the year last weekend and the kids were stoked.  After the first mention of snow the week before, MeMa made plans for a snow sleepover with the grand kids.  She came and got them Friday night and here they are Saturday morning, excited to see that it had in fact snowed over night. They pulled out all the snow tricks with inside out and backward pajamas and all those other silly rituals!

This was the quiet, calm view from our house!

This was the view at MeMa and PaPa's house.

Jason and I had a real adult snow day!  It was nice not having do to sledding duty the first day, but we did suit up and take a walk around the neighborhood.  

The kids got another sleepover at MeMa's since they were snowed in.  They enjoyed a little snow cream dessert. 

Everyone came back to our house after church on Sunday and did some sledding.  

Always ready for an adventure!

This one never wants to be left out!

Sledding is always more fun with daddy!

There they go!

A few snow angels before coming in for the day!

The rest of the days the snow was on the ground the temperature was about 2 degrees so we did't go back out and play in it.  And of course, they're already ready for the next snow!

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