Sunday, January 15, 2017

puppy love

The kids have been asking relentlessly when we'd get another dog.  I personally was not ready and was on the fence about ever getting another dog, but Jason and the kids wore me down.  We surprised the kids with this little guy on Monday night!

To say they were excited, is an understatement!

Two happy kiddos!

Love at first sight!

By Tuesday morning, we finally had a name to share!

A boy and his dog!

She told her daddy she wanted a black dog with a white nose.  So nice of him to deliver!

At 8 weeks, he's just shy of 3 pounds!

I've been enjoying a few puppy snuggles in between cleaning up messes!  He's actually doing pretty well, but it sure is an adjustment getting used to having a puppy again!

We're getting pretty close in our time together.  He wants to be on me wherever I am!

Jason has been enjoying the extra naps with him too, but I just have the pics from my phone with me. 

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