Friday, January 27, 2017

because he's so cute

It's no surprise that the last 15 or so pictures on my phone are of this cute puppy dog of ours.  No one can get enough of him! 

Bryce wanted to take a selfie with Bentley.

"Mama take my picture while Bentley is in my shirt."

We've taken him on a few car rides.  Sometimes he likes it, sometimes he doesn't.  He'll get used to it!

This sweet girl can't get enough of Bentley either.  I love listening to her talk to him.  It goes like this....Hi, sweet boy!  I love you! Yes I do. Yes I do."  Especially with the tone of voice she uses.  

He makes one good napping buddy.

She's napped more in the last week than she has in the past 6 months.  

When the puppy won't come out, you join him!

I couldn't resist a selfie with him either.  I was trying to keep him warm in my jacket one day in the preschool pick up line.

Potty training is a slow process.  Here he is hiding one morning after I got upset with him for going in the house.  So pitiful.  He usually crawls into Bryce's lap when he gets in trouble, but he had already left for the day!

I think he is starting to learn to go to the back door to go outside.  But this picture here was when he was begging to go back out and play because it was 70 degrees!  He's a cute little thing and very sweet.  It has been quite an adjustment for me, but we're falling into a better pattern and routine!

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