Sunday, November 1, 2015

halloween weekend

We started our Friday night off with Bryce's last baseball game.  Emmy and Emily sure did have fun playing together during the games this season.
After baseball, we came home and watched It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and carved our pumpkin accordingly!

The kids requested donuts for their Halloween breakfast.  We went to Dunkin Donuts out of convenience and it sure wasn't Krispy Kreme, but they were happy!

Next up was Bryce's end of the year celebration for baseball.  His coach planned a really fun "strike or treat" and the kids got to run the bases and to the outfield positions and trick or treat!

Emmy was there for the fun!

After getting candy, they got trophies.

The unofficial team picture.

After trophies, there were snacks.

Bryce's coach also coaches our friend/neighbor Will's team so the boys got to spend the morning together!

Once the "kids" were all dressed and ready, we headed to visit grandparents before going to trunk or treat at church.

We opted for an easy theme this year and did a teal pumpkin themed trunk to bring awareness of this program and children with food allergies.  Since we live with a peanut allergy, I thought this was a good idea!

Church friends ready for trunk or treat.
Today we hung out with our neighbors and had a little archery fun with the leftover pumpkins!

It took me 6 shots, but I finally hit the pumpkin.  At least a few hit the target too!

It was a perfect weekend full of family and friends!

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