Tuesday, October 27, 2015

a hay slide and a haircut

We had a little family date day on Saturday and started with lunch at Chuy's.  I love their creamy jalapeno dip and the kids love the push pops for dessert!
What better to do with a full belly than to sweat if off.  A local produce stand has a fun hay maze we like and they added a hay slide since we visited last so we went to check it out.  The kids had a fun time climbing the hay bales to get to the slide!

Cute kiddos!

Tough guy!

After lunch we headed to Trader Joe's to stock up on this deliciousness.  A friend served this at a LuLaRoe party I did last week and I was obsessed.  Go get you some!

Speaking of LuLaRoe, my painter friend painted my closet last week and I got everything reorganized and I love it.  I'm working on a fun sign and then it will be done.  I want to add a chandelier, but I'm not sure it's going to work with the light placement, but we'll see!

Brushing Emmy's hair in the morning is NO fun.  Her hair is so thin and fine and always tangly.  Many tears are shed while brushing, but no more!  I knew it was going to be short, but I'm not sure I was expecting this short.  She loves it, but I'm still getting used to her looking so different.  Jason said he wanted his 3 year old back! 
That's what we've been up to lately! 

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