Wednesday, October 21, 2015

what's up wednesday

Emmy had her fall party at school last Thursday.  I am the room mom so I planned a fun lunch and read a book and did a craft and other activity to go with it!
Princess Elsa.  She's actually going to be Anna for Halloween.

We went to the pumpkin patch with the kids from church on Sunday and had a picnic.  Due to the long lines, we never actually made it to the pumpkin patch!

The kids ran in the last race of the fall running series on Sunday.

All the kids get a medal at the end.

This girl has never met a camera she didn't like!

Bryce ran his little heart out this season.  He came in 3rd place for his age group.

Getting his medal.

Emmy and I enjoyed our weekly trip to story time today.

We don't have cable, but with the help of family members, we're able to log into some tv on the ipad so Bryce can watch the baseball playoffs!  Nothing like a little baseball in bed before bedtime.

Happy hump day!

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