Sunday, May 31, 2015

weekend adventures

We started the weekend off early with a birthday dinner for Nana on Thursday night at P.F. Chang's.  YUM!
Jason took the kids groundhog hunting on Friday evening. 
Once it got dark, they went back out for some frog giggin'.
Everyone was involved, except me!

I was at home enjoying my homemade chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream sundae!

Bryce has had a great baseball season.  He has one more game, but Jason and the other coach won't be there so we went ahead and handed out trophies and celebrated a great season Saturday after the game.
Then the kids went to the pool to cool off and Emmy showed off her tricks and bravery she picked up from swimming lessons!
There was still more fun to be had today.  We took some guns to Jason's parents' house and did some target shooting. 

Bryce was on fire!
Emmy tried to be interested!

These two!  Melt!
Jason loves having Bryce as his hunting and target shooting buddy!

I even got in on the action and hit a few balloons too!

Happy Sunday!

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