Tuesday, May 5, 2015

spring festival

Bryce's school had their spring festival on Sunday.  I volunteered to work for an hour so while I did that, Jason took the kids around for some fun. 
The kids had been talking about the pony rides for days. 

It was as fun as they hoped it would be!

Emmy even won the cake walk!

It was the first hot sunny day we've had.  Emmy was super red from the heat, but she quickly cooled off with a Kona Ice! 

Not sure what this one was doing, but Barbara captured it none-the-less. 

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Shipley Mommy said...

Ha! Emmy was showing me that her tongue turned the color of her Kona ice, and then Thomas asked Bryce "what color is your tongue?" and he was happy to show him ;)

It was a super warm day! Neither of my kids wanted to ride the horse, but look at yours--too cute!!!

Thomas won the cake walk too, and you would have thought he won a million bucks. Kids--what a treat!