Wednesday, May 20, 2015

life is good

We've had some HOT days and some beautiful days!  Today is a beautiful day!  I'm sitting at the kitchen table with the windows open and the breeze blowing in as I type this.  I would take this weather if I could.
Jason was busy one night last week so I told the kids we were going to have a backwards dinner night (meaning we would eat dessert first and then dinner).  They couldn't really comprehend this so I told them we'd just have dessert for dinner!  Then we had to run to Target and they talked me into a soft pretzel, so I guess that counted as dinner!

Bryce's class has been studying the life cycle of animals for the past few weeks.  His teacher had gotten caterpillars, but wanted tadpoles too.  We found her some tadpoles and the class enjoyed watching them turn into frogs.  We let the frogs go this past weekend at MeMa's house. 

I've been using our current vacuum for the last 12 years (it was a wedding gift from my parents).  It has recently started to make a funny noise and smells a bit odd so it was time for a new one.  We checked the consumer reports and it turned out that our current vacuum (just newer) was ranked #2.  It was such a good deal that I bought 2 (one for upstairs and one for downstairs).  And actually, my Nanny bought them for us!!  Thanks for taking such good care of us, Nanny!

I took the picture on the right last night when I was reading on the porch.  The picture on the left came up on my time hop for this day last year.  Can you tell, I kinda love reading on my porch swing after the kids go to bed?!
Jason and the kids gave me new tennis shoes for Mother's Day.  I had been wearing the same running shoes I got back in 2007 when I ran a 10K.  Sad, I know.  However, they provided much motivation to get me outside for morning walks with Emmy!
Happy hump day!  Hope everyone is having a great week!  I sure am!!

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