Thursday, May 28, 2015

11 days, letter p

P is for pajama day!
I used to get so tickled at the pajamas parents would send their kids into school wearing when I was teaching.  I always felt like the boys who wore long john type pajamas looked so goofy.  They're cute at home, but not at school.  We put a lot of effort into picking out the perfect summer pajamas last night before bed.  Bryce had two pair (the pair in the picture that he wore to bed because he wasn't originally going to wear them today and one other pair). 
I was really pleased with the pair he was going to wear because they looked like typical basketball shorts he would wear and a sleeveless shirt.  Well somewhere along the way, Jason once told Bryce that you can't wear sleeveless shirts to school.  I told him last night that it would be alright, but come time to get dressed today, he was worried he'd get in trouble.  So he paired another shirt with it that actually matched.  I had convinced him not to wear his normal tall socks because they wouldn't look "pajamy".  Well, then he was upset that his shorts looked so similar to basketball shorts and he wasn't wearing tall socks.  So, he totally switched gears and decided to wear pants.  I reminded him how hot it was going to be and that he begs to wear shorts at 70 degrees so he passed on the pants too.  To make a long story short, he's like a girl when it comes to clothing!
So, after sleeping in his pajamas all night, he wore the same ones to school today!  And after seeing him in those shorter shorts and short socks, I didn't even recognize those legs that are usually covered in tall socks and longer shorts! 

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