Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

We started off the day with swimming lessons.  I'm happy to report that Emmy did much better this week than she did the first week.  She wasn't sure about going at first, but Nana came with us and I may have bribed her with a new bathing suit if she was a big girl and didn't cry any.
She had a sweet little class of all girls and she did fabulous.  We went to Marshall's next door to the swim school and got her a cute new bathing suit for next week!

After swimming lessons we headed to Bryce's school for a St. Patrick's Day snack and craft.  Parents brought in green foods for the kids to taste.

I enjoy getting to visit Bryce at school every now and then.  I sure do miss him during the day!

Emmy was an honorary classmate for their green picture!  Ironically enough, she wasn't wearing any green!

I snapped a picture of this little gem while I was at school!

While we're looking at cute work, this came home recently and it made me smile.  He was so proud of his magnifying glass!
Today was also Papa John's pizza fundraiser night.  Teachers from Bryce's school delivered pizza to students who ordered.  Unfortunately, Bryce's teacher didn't deliver our pizza (we didn't know the two teacher who did), but after our pizza came, two other kindergarten teachers and the Papa John's mascot stopped by!

What a day of fun!

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Shipley Mommy said...

Bryce & Emmy are both super blessed (not lucky!) kids. I am glad Emmy is liking her swim lessons better and I hope it sticks (and you don't have to buy her a new swimsuit each week! ;)

Thanks for helping with the Green Day snack!