Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bryce's 6 year old update (a little late)

Height: 43 inches (10th percentile)
Weight: 42 pounds (25th percentile)
His vision was 20/20 and his blood pressure was 98/50.
Bryce is such a fun kid!  He's smart, funny, mature, responsible, kind, and so many other things wrapped into that tiny little body! 
He currently loves baseball, crafts, and science.  He's a very hands on kid and loves making/building new things.  He's very inquisitive and asks lots of interesting questions.  Many of which I have to refer to Jason or the internet, ha!
He's a great big brother and a great friend. 
He has always been our early riser and there is no sign of that changing.  At least he's getting better about entertaining himself with the tv, ipad, or toys when he gets up instead of hopping in bed with us and squirming around until I can't take it anymore and get up with him!
He loves school and he's doing really well.  His reading is amazing and he's really starting to show some number sense with adding a subtracting numbers (especially with telling time).
He's such a shy and passive boy, but around us, he's full of personality and has such a great sense of humor.  He gets that from his Mama (the shyness, not the sense of humor).
I feel like he's worn the same size clothes for two years as well as the same shoe size.
I'm sure there are many more things I could say about him at age 6, but they are escaping me at the moment.  We're just so proud of the boy he is becoming and we're so glad God chose us to be his parents. 
We love you, Bryceman!

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Shipley Mommy said...

He is a very special little boy, and I have loved watching him grow these past 3 years. Thank you for sharing his life with our son, and our family!