Friday, March 6, 2015

our wild weather week

This winter has been long and cold.  As you can see there is still snow on the ground, but the temperature soared to 53 on Monday (which is apparently normal for this time of year) so we got outside while we could!
I thought this picture was appropriate to save for later.  Might make a good one for her wedding slide show!

Bryce is still celebrating his birthday!  He got to spend a Target gift card from Nina and Pop the other night.  More Legos and monster trucks, imagine that!

Wednesday was even warmer and in the 60's so we spent even more time outside (WITHOUT jackets)!!

Nothing like warmer temps to get you excited about spring clothes.  I took Emmy on a little shoe shopping trip!

And here we are on Thursday (snow day #9).  This fun project kept Bryce (and Jason) entertained for hours! 

Hours I tell ya!
After crafts, it was onto digging.  It's a good thing Bryce got so many birthday gifts for inside entertaining!  Here they are digging for jewels and gems.

All the treasure!

And when he's not crafting and digging, he's building.  He got all of these fun Legos for his birthday!

We're home today for snow day #10!  I'm about out of ideas and patience (and the kids are out of built in snow days), but we'll make it!  I'm just looking forward to the time change on Sunday and a possible permanent warm up next week!

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Shipley Mommy said...

Gotta love crafts...and Lego's! Our boys are really into those tiny (landmines) aren't they?!! But, I figure it is boosting self awareness, independence, fine motor skills, following directions, and creativity...or at least that's what I remind myself after looking at the price tags ;)